Privacy policy


Welcome to the Today I Learned (TIL) app! Our service is free and designed for a seamless experience. This document outlines how we handle your personal info when you're with us.

Your Agreement

By using TIL, you're okay with us collecting and using your info as described here. We promise to use your data to make TIL better and not for anything weird.

What We Collect

To make TIL work great for you, we might ask for some personal details (like your email and username). Rest assured, it's stored safely on Vercel which is GDPR complian.

Third-Party Helpers

We work with tools like Google Analytics to understand app usage and squash bugs. They might gather some of your info, but only the necessary bits.

Your Data's Safehouse

Your data is tucked away on secure servers, handled only by our team. We keep it safe and sound as long as you're using our app. You can request a copy of your data anytime by emailing us at

Goodbye, Data!

Change your mind? You can delete your insights anytime in-app or email us at to wipe your slate clean. We'll do it within 30 days.

When Things Go Wrong

If the app hiccups, we might gather some technical data from your device (like your IP address) to fix the issue. It's all about making TIL better.

Cookie Talk

Cookies are small data files; we don't use them directly expect for authentication. Some of our third-party tools might. You can choose to accept or refuse them, but refusing might limit some TIL features.

Third-Party Partners

We team up with other companies for things like service maintenance and analytics. They might access your personal info, but only for TIL-related tasks, and they won't share it.

Your Trust, Our Security

We're committed to protecting your info, but remember, no system is invincible. We do our best, though!

External Links

TIL might have links to other sites. If you visit them, their privacy rules apply, not ours.

Kids' Privacy

TIL isn't for kids under 13. If we find out a child under 13 has given us their info, we'll delete it pronto. Parents, let us know if you need our help here.

Policy Updates

We might change this policy, so check this page now and then. We'll also post updates here, effective immediately.